Monday, November 26, 2012

RecordInsertList class in AX2012

The RecordInsertList class allows to insert multiple records in to database.

new() - Creates a new object to hold records for insertion into the database.
add() - Adds a record to a RecordInsertList object for subsequent insertion into the database
insertDatabase() -  Inserts all records, that have not already been inserted, in the current 
RecordInsertList object.  

The following example uses the RecordInsertList class to copy records from one table buffer to another.
void copyBOM(BOMId _FromBOM, BOMId _ToBOM)
    RecordInsertList BOMList;
    BOM BOM, newBOM;

    BOMList = new RecordInsertList(tableNum(BOM)); 

    while select BOM
    where BOM.BOMId == _FromBOM
        newBOM.BOMId = _ToBOM;

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