Monday, May 2, 2016

Business Intelligence features in the new Microsoft Dynamics AX

New BI features in AX:

In-memory aggregate models -  These aggregate models have replaced SSAS cubes.

Aggregate data entities - These are the read-only entities used for reporting purposes. When creating charts and client controls, data entities can be added as datasoure to forms. The entities can then be consumed programatically.

Aggregate programming model - This enables a developer to consume this data using x++ or C#.
Method expressions can be used to build rich expressions using aggregate data. These method expressions
are written in X++ and KPIs can be modeled using them which eliminates the use of complex MDX queries.

Aggregate Measurements and dimensions - Aggregate measurements is a model that contains a collection of measures together with their corresponding  dimensions. Aggregate measurement help you analyze data in a new way. These are the evolution of cubes.
Aggregate dimensions is another concept that is shared across an AX implementation. Aggregate measurements associate themselves with relevant aggregate dimensions. Aggregate dimensions and measurements are modeled n AX using Visual studio tools

KPI definition - In AX users can use a rich client form to modify a KPI definition. Users can create KPI using Aggregate data that is contained in Aggregate measurements. After KPI is defined, user can customize it at run time.

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